Cancer treatment sans surgery and chemicals is now in the Philippines

It is a no brainer that cancer is one of the biggest death culprits that has robbed people the luxury of time, enjoyment, and life. Today, it still remains as one of the leading causes of mortality in the country.

As a way to counter this while trying to revolutionize cancer care in the local scene, ManilaMed has paraded its most advanced curing equipment that is expected to deliver the treatment every cancer victim deserves – the Linear Accelerator (LINAC).

The LINAC, introduced as the centerpiece of ManilaMed’s Cancer Care Center, can kill cancer cells through an x-ray beam. The beam is reportedly designed to accurately kill target cells alone, leaving the healthy ones without a scratch.

“With the new LINAC, accuracies in terms of hitting the tumor is now reckoned in millimeters,” shared Dr. Vicente Hizon, head of radiation oncology in ManilaMed.

Unlike the older models that need to halt radiation delivery when conforming tumors, this latest one can adjust the beam while continually delivering the right amount of radiation.

The Linear Accelerator. Photo:

Globally, radiation is often preferred than surgery and other cancer curing procedures that use loads of chemicals. With this, the LINAC assures its radiation-only killing of cancer cells in all parts of the body.

The LINAC is part of ManilaMed’s proposed “holistic approach” in cancer care, including the multidisciplinary team (MDT) method imposing various doctors, nurses, healthcare professionals working together as a specialist cancer team.

“We bring people from different disciplines, different specialties together in one setting, and they’re there to discuss a patient so that all aspects of the patient’s treatment can be covered,” said Cancer Care Center head medical oncologist Dr. Dennis Sacdalan.

It was reported that availing the services of the LINAC can be covered by health insurances including PhilHealth. Additionally, documented results from the treatment can be availed in a matter of hours.

This revolutionary treating equipment will soon be available in two hospitals in Metro Manila: ManilaMed’s Cancer Care Center and The Medical City’s Radiation Oncology Department.

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