How to be healthier in the hotel

Upon reading Never mind the ghosts; it’s really bacteria that will harm you in hotels!, you’re probably grossed out, but should you actually worry about it? Experts say the risk of getting sick from hotel germs is relatively low. Still, if you want to reduce the risk even further, it pays to exercise proper hygiene.

The overall appearance of cleanliness doesn’t guarantee that a place is free from germs.

While most people find vacations away from home relaxing, many parents might find it stressful to bring their children into a new environment, such as a hotel, that they had no control over cleaning and sanitizing.

Reader’s Digest enumerated some of the most important warning signs to look for when staying at a hotel, and tips on how to keep your family healthy from check-in to check-out!

1. Check online reviews.
Make it a habit of ensuring your safety by checking reviews from previous visitors regarding your target hotel.

2. Have sanitizing wipes all the time.
Wipe things that people touch a lot, such as the TV remote, which is considered to be the dirtiest, doorknobs, phone handles, toilet flusher, and faucets.

3. Remove the hotel spread.
That’s typically the most germ-laden thing inside the room. It’s best to remove immediately the hotel spread and make sure it stays away from the duration of your stay.

4. Wash your hands
Wash your hands frequently with soap and warm water to kill germs and bacteria.

5. Wash the kitchen utensils
Before using the glasses, plates, spoon and fork, and the like, make sure to wash them with hot water to kill bacteria that might be there due to improper washing.

6. Beware of bedbugs
Be sure to check under and between the mattresses for small reddish-brown spots left behind before unpacking your things. These spots could be bedbugs and they can be present anywhere, whether in expensive or cheap hotels.