High-tech vs. Cancer: The Holy Grail of Early Detection and Cure

Cancer is unpredictable. It takes people, young or old, by surprise and turns their world upside down. Symptoms like skin change, weight loss, fever, and fatigue are similar to that of other diseases–and when cancer is finally discovered, it seems like a cruel trick.

But what if we could detect cancer before it reaches its more serious stages? Early cancer screening and detection makes a life or death difference to a patient. One state-of-the-art device makes screening and detection faster and more reliable: the GE Discovery PET/CT 710.

Positron Emission Tomography with Computed Tomography (PET-CT) is a device that combines two examinations, PET and CT, to come up with more definitive images of cellular functions. It performs high-definition reconstruction scans which results in more accurate quantitative measurements for diagnosis.

GE Discovery PET/CT 710. Photo: gehealthcare.in

“PET-CT is especially useful in cancer care such as disease staging, revealing if and where the cancer has spread, monitoring response to therapy, aiding in radiation treatment planning, and finding out if the cancer has recurred. It is the best possible tailor-made regimen for patients while minimizing radiation,” said medical specialist Dr. Christine Joy Lee-Gruenberg in an interview with The Philippine Star.

She added that the device can also evaluate and detect brain abnormalities, such as seizures and Alzheimer’s disease, and evaluation of cardiac abnormalities.

The PET-CT comes in the picture in the diagnosis process where oncologic imaging is needed. This includes finding out where the primary is, knowing the stage and restage diagnosis if necessary, and then finding out if the cancer has metastasized (spread to distant organs).

Additionally the PET-CT can help doctors determine the type of treatment needed, if the said therapy is working, if the patient is on partial or complete remission, or if the cancer has recurred.

As of writing, the GE Discovery 710 PET/CT is only available in Cardinal Santos Medical Center in San Juan City. More so, expenses can be covered by selected health insurers.